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Women’s Haircut & Style

Precision haircut for women. Includes complimentary shampoo & blowdry style.


Men’s Haircut & Style

Precision haircut for men. Includes complimentary shampoo & blowdry style.


Children’s Haircut & Style

Haircut for girls and boys aged 10 and under. Includes complimentary shampoo & blowdry style.


Bang Trim

Trimming / shaping of bang area only.


Roller Set


Flat Iron


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Beard Trim

Trimming / shaping of beard only.


Shampoo & Finish

A relaxing shampoo & conditioning, followed by a blowdry style.


Special Occasion Hair

An elegant style for a special occasion involving curling, ironing or braiding on dry hair that does not require use of pins.



A formal style on dry hair involving “pinning up” of strands, curls, buns or braids.


Curling Iron


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Colour Retouch

A one-color touch up of regrowth at scalp area. Includes complimentary blow dry with stylists level 3 & under.


Colour Retouch / Chromatics

Precision haircut for men. Includes complimentary shampoo & blowdry style.


Shades EQ

Conditioning Colour Gloss – A moisturizing overlay to add shine and refresh faded colour.


Men’s Colour Camo

A brief colour application for men which gently blends grays for a natural, distinguished look.


Face Framing Highlights

Highlights foiled or painted on where hair falls to frame the face.


Partial Highlights

Highlights foiled or painted at top of head and crown areas.


¾ Highlights

Highlights foiled or painted throughout top of head to behind the ears.


Full Highlights

Highlights foiled or painted throughout entire head down to the nape of the neck.


Cap Highlights

Highlights painted through a frosting cap.


Additional Colours

Lowlights, separate colours or extra colour usage, added onto a base service



Multiple levels of colour hand-painted to create a transitional effect from regrowth to ends.

priced upon consultation

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A Shades EQ conditioning gloss used to tone highlights or add additional color at the ends of hair.


Corrective Colour (Per Hour)

Any multi-process service involving removing or correcting unwanted colours in the hair.


Full Colour

A solid color applied all over, usually involving permanent colour at regrowth area.


Balayage – Face Framing

Face framing adds visual interest and draws attention to the face.


Balayage – Partial

Balayage painted at the top of the head and crown areas.


¾ Balayage

Balayage painted throughout the top of the head to the back of the ears.


Balayage – Full

Balayage painted throughout entire head, down to nape of the neck.


Accent Foils (Per foil)

A single colour foil.


Water Color Shampoo Service


Water Color Overlay


Water Color Accent Per Foil


Advanced creative colour techniques are available and priced upon consultation.

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Keratin Hair Taming System

GKhair keratin treatment reduces frizz, relaxes curls, protects hair and improves manageability for up to 5 months.

Starting at $200.00 (priced upon consultation)


Texture service which creates waves or curls which may last for up to 6 months.


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DreamCatchers / Great Lengths

Hair extensions custom ordered to your specifications to create long lasting length and / or overall volume of the hair.

(priced upon consultation)

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Deep conditioning treatment adds intense moisture and protein to dry, damaged hair.


Redken Chemistry Shot

Conditioning treatment that is custom mixed to target your hair’s particular needs.


Clarifying Treatment

A deep cleansing shampoo service which removes dirt, oil, product buildup and impurities in the hair.


Redken Pre-Art

Intense clarifier which removes buildup and impurities and equalizes porosity to prepare hair for a colour or texture service.


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Redken HeatCure

Restorative treatment improves the quality and condition of damaged hair for up to 10 washes



Treatment added to colour formula to protect hair and minimize damage during a colour service.


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Brow Wax

Shaping and trimming of brow area.



A wax of the upper lip area.


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Removal of unwanted hairs from chin & jawline.


coming soon


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